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Initial Tests Indicate All Systems Go

Posted by GidgetN in News (19:04 07/07/2011).

Welcome to Arcade Grade!  Before we start posting regular updates, it seemed right to start off with a bit of an introduction.  If you look around the site you'll see plenty of information about what the site is and does.  I don't want to rehash all of that.  Instead, I'd rather just briefly write about Arcade Grade's future.

When I started building this site, I honestly didn't expect to even get this far.  Yet here I am, with a site that for the most part works.  Some features are still being implemented and plenty more are planned for the future, but the foundation of the site is there.  Getting to this stage has only made me more dedicated to seeing the site improve and grow by promoting and programming as much as I can.  The site is in an important stage right now.  It is in a stage where it needs to start growing its memberbase in order to build the community needed to support it.  Arcade Grade is a site that relies entirely on its community.  As an arcade database it requires members to add their own arcade information, as I can only travel to so many arcades myself.  As a social network, it serves absolutely no purpose without its community.

With this being said, I hope that you will help us make Arcade Grade a great online home for arcade gamers.  I especially hope to see people supporting their local arcades, as small businesses tend to lack much of a web presence.  By sharing your local arcade with others, you direct more business their way, possibly by people who live in another nearby town who would not otherwise know the arcade is there.

Even though more people play video games now than ever before, arcades are slowly fading away (at least in the United States).  It's important that we help keep our local arcades alive.  As we grow our online community, I'd like to see us also help out the arcades in our real life communities.  To be honest, that's all I want out of Arcade Grade.  There's no telling what this site will turn into, if it does anything at all.  But, I'd like to think that we can keep the arcade scene alive.

So join, post, add, review, friend and share.  Let's see what happens!

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What is Arcade Grade?

Arcade Grade is a social network for arcade gamers, as well as a database of arcades and their games. User locate, share, and rate arcades and arcade games within their community and out. You can find arcades based on a given location, which allows you to find either the nearest arcades to your location or (coming soon) the nearest arcade that houses a specific game you want to play.

We encourage you to explore your communities and support your local arcades by encouraging you to scout those arcades and add them to our database, which in turn allows other users nearby to find new arcade locations. This helps arcades stay open by directing more traffic their way.

Special Beta Notes

Arcade Grade is in beta. That means that some things might not be there yet or might not work exactly as planned. We have a Site Status thread on our forums that lists planned features and known bugs. If you notice something not on on that list, please let us know so that we can make the site as good as possible!

How Can I Help?

There's tons of ways you can help Arcade Grade get started. Add an arcade. Find a game you absolutely hate and give it a 1-star rating. Post something on the forums. Tell friends. Report a bug. Oh, but before you do that last thing, check out the Site Status thread to avoid reporting a known issue. If you're interested in writing for the site, send a PM to our admin.