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About Arcade Grade

Arcade Grade is a database of arcades and arcade games, as well as a social network for arcade gamers. The site has three major goals:

Arcades are beginning to fade away. It is our hope that by making arcades easier to find they won't get shut down. There is a huge variety of locations that can be considered arcades. Knowing an arcade has a particular game you want or seeing that it was given a high rating by other Arcade Grade members helps users know what they're in for. A bowling alley that looks fairly boring from the outside may be home to a rare classic game on the inside, but some people may never bother to go in there to find out. We encourage users to actively seek out unknown arcades in their areas so that the less adventurous among us can find out what's inside. Go out and explore your community, have fun playing arcade games, and always remember to report back to us.