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Eastway Lanes

Erie, PA

4 games at this arcade.
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Added by Nikuru.


Posted on 09/19/2010 at 15:40
This "arcade" isn't too bad. There's a couple janky prize games and claw machines, but the real gem is the Frankenstein Pinball machine. I've never had to deal with the management in regards to the machines, so I have no idea how customer service is, but they're usually pretty good with the number of soda machines there. The Trophy Hunting game is pretty much junk. Sensors in it don't work properly, so you pretty much just sit and shoot at whatever you want in the tiny room and hope it registers on the game. As for the Frankenstein Pinball, the plunger doesn't work all the time, but it still has an incredible value for gameplay: 1 Play/50 cents, 4 Plays/$1.50, 6 Plays/$2. It's just a great value for pinball lovers.
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