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What counts as an arcade?

For the purposes of this website, an arcade is any public location that has an arcade machine of any sort. A "proper" arcade that houses nothing but arcade machines is an arcade. A local pizza place with a few games is an arcade. A bar with a neglected Ms. Pac-Man machine is an arcade. If it has an arcade machine, somebody nearby may be looking to play that machine, therefore it is useful to this website. Do you need to add every grocery store near you with a claw machine? Maybe not. Whether or not the location is worth adding is up to you, but if there's a game there, it's an arcade.

How do I add an arcade?

Just click here and read the instructions on this page.

Should I add ticket redemption games? Prize games? Ride games?

Of course! Ticket redemption games and prize games are games just like any other game. Ride games (such as those motion rollercoaster simulators) are also welcome, even if they aren't exactly games. These machines are common arcade features, and are relevant to this site.

How do I add generic games (like claw machines)?

Many generic games are already included on the site, such as claw machines or air hockey. If you wish to add a generic game that is not already on the site, simply insert "Generic" in the company field and leave the release year blank.

Why are ratings disabled on this game?

If ratings are disabled on a game, it is because the game is considered generic. Things such as claw machines or air hockey tables are listed as generic entries. The reason the ratings are disabled for these games is that quality differs from machine to machine, making ratings inaccurate. One company's air hockey machine may be very good, whereas another company's machine may be very bad.

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How do I add a game?

Just click here and read the instructions on this page.

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Odds and Ends

Something on the site is broken! What do I do?

Don't panic! If something doesn't work right, or doesn't behave the way you expect, please either report it or post about it on the forums. Give as much information as possible when doing this. Also, please check this thread before reporting a problem to see if it is already a known issue.

I have a really good idea for the site!

Great! We'd love to hear it. Either contact us directly or post your suggestion on the forums.

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