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Jackpot CrossingAmerican AlphaPrize/Redemption
Mad Dog McCreeAmerican Laser Game1990Shooter (Other)
Pump It Up NXAndamiro2006Music/Dance
Winners WheelAndamiroPrize/Redemption
Hoop It UpAtari1995Prize/Redemption
TempestAtari1981Shooter (Other)
MillipedeAtari1982Shooter (Other)
Missile CommandAtari1980Shooter (Other)
Gauntlet LegendsAtari1998Action
CentipedeAtari1980Shooter (Other)
AsteroidsAtari1979Shooter (Other)
Area 51: Site 4Atari1998Rail Shooter
Area 51Atari1995Rail Shooter
Food FightAtari1983Platformer
Maximum ForceAtari1997Rail Shooter
Marble MadnessAtari1984Platformer
Indiana JonesAtari1985Action
Old ChicagoBally1975Pinball
Basket FeverBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Bug BashBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Big Bass Wheel ProBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Smokin' TokenBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Buzzy Buzzy BeeBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Chameleon ParadizeBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Wonder WheelBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Speed DemonBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Big ShotBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Big HaulBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Slam-A-WinnerBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Wheel DealBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Wheel Deal ExtremeBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Big Rig TruckingBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Lot-O-FunBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Capsule CrazeBobs Space RacersPrize/Redemption
Rock n' BowlBromley, Inc.1992Prize/Redemption
ColoramaBromley, Inc.1995Prize/Redemption

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