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Samurai Shodown IISNK1993Fighting
Samurai Shodown IVSNK1996Fighting
San Francisco Rush 2049Midway1999Racing
Sharkey's ShootoutStern Pinball2000Pinball
SharpShooterP&P Marketing1998Shooter (Other)
Shoot Out SaloonPrize/Redemption
Silent ScopeKonami1999Rail Shooter
Silent Scope 2: Dark SilhouetteKonami2000Rail Shooter
SinistarWilliams Electronics1982Shooter (Other)
Slam 'n' Jam Jr.LAI GamesSports
Slam DunkCoastal AmusementsPrize/Redemption
Slam-A-WinnerBenchmark EntertainmentPrize/Redemption
Smack N AlienICEPrize/Redemption
Smokin' TokenBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Snow BrosToaplan1990Platformer
Solar AssaultKonami1997Shooter (Other)
Solomon's KeyTecmo1986Puzzle
Sonic & Tails SpinnerSEGA2002Prize/Redemption
Soulcalibur IINamco2002Fighting
Soulcalibur IIINamco2006Fighting
South ParkSEGA1998Pinball
Space InvadersMidway1978Shooter (Other)
Spacey RacersICERacing
Speed DemonBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Speed RacerNamco1995Racing
Spider Splattin'JalecoPrize/Redemption
Spider Stompin'JalecoPrize/Redemption
SplatterhouseNamco1988Beat 'em Up
Spongebob SquarepantsSEGAPrize/Redemption
Spongebob Squarepants JellyfishingChicago Gaming Company2005Prize/Redemption
Sports ArenaSEGAPrize/Redemption
Spy HunterMidway1983Action
StackerLAI GamesPrize/Redemption
Star Trek: VoyagerTeam Play Inc.2002Rail Shooter
Star Wars TrilogySEGA1998Rail Shooter
Star Wars: RacerSEGA2000Racing
Street Fighter Alpha 3Capcom1998Fighting
Street Fighter EX2 PlusCapcom1998Fighting

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