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Blue's JourneySNK1991Platformer
Bowling LanesGenericSports
Boxer - Boxing ChampionSports
Bozo's Grand Prize GameICEPrize/Redemption
Brave FirefightersSEGA1999Simulation
Bubble BobbleTaito1986Platformer
Bug BashBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Bumper CarsGenericOther
BurgerTimeData East1982Puzzle
Buzzy Buzzy BeeBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Cadillacs and DinosaursCapcom1993Beat 'em Up
Capcom vs. SNK 2Capcom2001Fighting
Capsule CrazeBobs Space RacersPrize/Redemption
CarnEvilMidway1998Rail Shooter
Carnival KingIncredible Technologies2002Shooter (Other)
CentipedeAtari1980Shooter (Other)
Chameleon ParadizeBay-TekPrize/Redemption
Chuckles the Clown BasketballSmart Industries Corp.Sports
City ConnectionJaleco1985Platformer
Claw MachineGenericPrize/Redemption
ColoramaBromley, Inc.1995Prize/Redemption
Come On BabyExpotato2000Action
Congo BongoSEGA1983Platformer
Crazy TaxiSEGA1999Racing
Crossfire Maximum PaintballTeam Play, Inc.2003Shooter (Other)
Cruis'n ExoticaMidway1999Racing
Cruis'n USAMidway1994Racing
Cruis'n WorldMidway1996Racing
Cyber CyclesNamco1995Racing
Dance Dance Revolution 5th MixKonami2001Music/Dance
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeKonami2002Music/Dance
Daytona USASEGA1993Racing
Daytona USA 2SEGA1998Racing
Deal or No DealICE2007Other
DefenderWilliams1980Shooter (Other)
Derby Owner's Club: World EditionSEGA2001Simulation
Dig DugNamco1982Action
Dirty HarryWilliams1995Pinball

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